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(By Samus-Merid)
Our world, is full of so many things,
A mixture of variety and degree,
And this place, is the home, of humanity,
But whether a person be of the light or for the dark, there is hope, within us all.

(by Countthescars)
And you will discover, in peering into a true void of despair,
When footsteps crumble to unrelenting darkness,
The plates upon your shoulders melt away under pressure,
Beneath them, there is skin, flesh and blood, and beneath that,
A light; an unguarded courage.

(by Destructionist)
This light shines with you throughout your whole life,
Whether you see it or not.
It continually sits within,
Hidden deep beneath your skin,
Back in that area of your heart that you tap into
When your back is against the wall,
And every step forward seems like two steps back.
It is what allows you to redefine yourself,
As a human, as a creature, as an idea,
And lets you change with the current as life ebbs and flows.

(by NoSugarJustAnger)
And when you see those white fingers crept up the window,
Where the dumb black shadows lingered,
You'd hear whispering voices that continue to haunt,
The deepest fears you have been trying to hide in sacred places.

(by Sagacious)
But all it takes,
To banish the demons,
That stalk the walls outside,
Is the warmth,
Teleported from one to another,
By that portal in us all,
Pumping the magic elixir,
To the tips of your fingers,
And filling you with a sensation,
Of safety
Within yourself.
A sensation…
of love, and life.

(By Destructionist)
And as life's whirlwind sucks us in
Everything will fade in and out of focus.
Just when you think that you have a handle on things
Your life will change,
And something new will intrude upon your life.
Sometimes it's for better and sometimes it's for worse.
But, such is life.
And life is to live until we die.
All we can do is try to stay afloat.

(By Samus-Merid)
And who ever truly knows the end of their journey? To sink, swim, fall or fly?
Or exactly how each day will come and go,
How would we learn if there weren’t the dark days to press us in, or the light to believe in?
How would we live if there wasn’t an extreme to every feeling?
How could we love without knowing hatred? How could we hope if there was no force pressing us to despair? How could we know strength without weakness?
How could we hold on or press through in hope, or love, or faith, or with good intent, without purpose?

Life gives us purpose, to learn, to see, to choose, to know.
Those choices given to us are never the same,
For each heart can be similar, but never one identical to another,
Except those hearts spent across a lifetime growing closer until they become as one.

Different hearts here, with different faces,
Different minds, in different places,
Different choices, different people,
One work, one purpose, one message…

The Human Emotive.
Different hearts here, with different faces,
Different minds, in different places,
Different choices, different people,
One work, one purpose, one message

Topic: The Human Emotive

Thank you Counththescars, Destructionist (x2), NoSugarJustAnger, and Sagacious for your contributions.

First - Samus-Merid - Hope
Second - Countthescars - Courage
Third - Destructionist - Inner Strength
Fourth - Nosugarjustanger - Fear
Fifth - Sagacious - Love
Sixth - Destructionist - Wisdom Through Human Experience
Seventh - Samus-Merid - Truth

It's finished, from start to finish this piece has has it's writers pour their heart and souls into it, I thank them for their participation, and hope they will return for future collabs!

I do want feedback from the writers as well, so please comment ; )

[this writing is the equal co-ownership of all it's writers, and any use of this writing in part or whole is strictly forbidden without concent]
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someguy13 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2006
by far one of the best poems i have reads...i applaud you all
nosugarjustanger Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006
Okay, sorry, I didn't notice the poem is put up already. Of course I love the whole damn thing. :lol:

Fave, also.
xiao-the-pirate Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
Wow, nice. +fav. You don't see alot of collaborations. Great work.
Sagacious Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2005   General Artist
I am glad to be a part of this :bow:

I really like countthescars peice and your question posing if we are to know strength if we've never known weakness...:)
samus-merid Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
I loved that everyone had a part in something, that they all have their certain feels and styles, but that it could all come together, and that we all could create something. There will be another one soon!
Sagacious Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2005   General Artist
countthescars Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2005
I love how this has turned out, it all fits together wonderfully. I'd like to thank all the other writers as well - i've never done any collaborative poetry before, but i enjoyed being a part of it and will definately do it again! It's going in my favourites for the memory. :)
samus-merid Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
There will be another one soon, this one with assignments from the get go, so no more long waiting! Be looking for it!
countthescars Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2005
Yay! I certainly will!
GoodnightNovemberEve Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
:clap: very interesting and well done!

[i had been waiting for this for a while now]

samus-merid Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Im glad you liked it!

[Thank you for waiting]
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